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On-Chip Generation of Structured Light Based on Metasurface Optoelectronic Integration



Author(s): Wang, QH (Wang, Qiu-Hua); Ni, PN (Ni, Pei-Nan); Xie, YY (Xie, Yi-Yang); Kan, Q (Kan, Qiang); Chen, PP (Chen, Pei-Pei); Fu, P (Fu, Pan); Deng, J (Deng, Jun); Jin, TL (Jin, Tai-Lai); Chen, HD (Chen, Hong-Da); Lee, HWH (Lee, Ho Wai Howard); Xu, C (Xu, Chen); Genevet, P (Genevet, Patrice)

Source: LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS Article Number: 2000385 DOI: 10.1002/lpor.202000385 Early Access Date: FEB 2021

Abstract: Metasurfaces offer complete control of optical wavefront at the subwavelength scale, advancing a new class of artificial planar optics, including lenses, waveplates, and holograms, with unprecedented merits over conventional optical components. In particular, the ultrathin, flat, and compact characteristics of metasurfaces facilitate their integration with semiconductor devices for the development of miniaturized and multifunctional optoelectronic systems. In this work, generation of structured light is implemented at an ultracompact wafer-level through the monolithic integration of metasurface with standard vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). This work opens new perspectives for the design of structured light systems with compactness, lightweight, and scalability. Ultracompact beam structured laser chips with versatile functionalities are experimentally demonstrated, including multichannel beams array generation, on-chip large-angle beam steering up to 60 degrees, and wafer-level holographic beam shaping with a wide field of view (about 124 degrees). The results will promote the development of compact light structuring systems with great potential in 3D imaging, displays, robotic vision, human-computer interaction, and augmented/virtual reality.

Accession Number: WOS:000613233400001

ISSN: 1863-8880

eISSN: 1863-8899

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